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What's happening in October?

We all have our family dinners, birthdays, special anniversaries, holidays happening in the month of October which we will celebrate, including Canadian Thanksgiving, but here are a few other events that are happening in the Turks & Caicos Islands for this month.

Turks & Caicos Real Estate Association:

  1. TCREA began its MLS tour. The first location was in the Leeward area, where we visited a number of canal, ocean view and garden view homes that are available for sale on the market. As always it is an eye opener for us agents as we get to see homes that just came on the market, as well as homes that have been renovated for  a fresh look buy existing owners. If you are interested in looking at real estate you are welcome to come along and view the properties with us. Ask about our schedule so that you can attend when we are in a location that is of interest to you. ask for any agent.
  2. AGM- The yearly AGM is finally here. New executives will be chosen to serve the association, as we are always looking for fresh ideas to come that will keep the association in tact and in tone and up to date with what is needed and happening in the market and in the country. There will also be a new TCREA Ambassador chosen to represent the association.

Other happneings in the country:

  1. October 14-16- Graceway Sports Center Tennis Tournament This quarterly men's, women's and juniors singles and doubles tennis tournament is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Matches starting Friday - Sunday. Come down and cheer on your favorite players. Contact Reinaldo on 346-7527 to sign-up.
  2. October 15- "In the Pink" -October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Help raise awareness and funds for the National Cancer Society at the Regent Palms for their annual In the Pink! event on Saturday October 15th. For more info contact the Pink Hot-line at 946-5900.
  3. October 23- Chrysalis Fitness Fun Run; The 3rd Annual Chrysalis Fitness Fun Run is around the corner on Oct. 23, it’s time to start preparing your body and mind for the 5-kilometre or 10-kilometre run or walk. Contact Leslie at Chrysalis Fitness at  or 649-232-8633.

Contributed by Vernica Delancy.